Multiplayer Information

  • Server: Vangard Tag Along
  • Client: SCS Convoy Session
  • Next Session: Saturdays @ 19:00 UTC
  • Start Point: Changes each week
  • Event Details: Tag Along

Public Event Information

This will be a Regular event where new and seasoned VTC members can take a drive out on a planned route, with maybe the odd challenge or observation competition thrown in. Comms on in game CB.


Monthly Tag Along

Truck and Trailer to be in Vangard colour scheme.

  • Vangard Approved drivers can submit a route for these events.
  • Cargo to be below 15 tons to avoid slowing everyone else down!
  • An approximate duration of 30 to 45 minutes for each convoy.

Details will be linked below before the event and there may be questions at the end.
We hope you will enjoy the ride and get involved in the banter along the way, dad jokes are a must and maybe some singing too.
Let's all remember it's just a game so no one needs to get hurt, so tag along and
Be a part of the Journey!

Route Details


Multiplayer Questions

  • We will post the convoy server name and password before each event, this will change regularly to stop unwanted players in the server.

  • We will have both public 'anyone can join' as it will be on one of the TruckersMP servers and private events which we will host on a private server for Vangard Drivers Only! The number of events will depend on player interest and will be decided collectively within the community.

  • *If we remember* - the details of any required DLC for an event will be posted with all the relevant details, such as start & finsh points, companies and loads involved, along with the date and planned timings etc. on the events page.

  • Each big event will have its own page, here on the website.
    All others will be on Trucksbook or in our Discord server.
    Links will be provided soon.